The House Oversight Committee has shared details from Biden-related bank records that the New York Post’s Miranda Devine went over yesterday:

More on that here.

You would think information like that would give many in the press plenty to dig through, but instead CNN helped demonstrate the current state of “journalism” by saying the Republicans just aren’t proving anything about the Bidens:


Great question!

“Nothing to see here” as usual. This is the mainstream media when you try to show them evidence of potential Biden family wrongdoing:


Remember when Leslie Stahl tried to hush Trump by reminding him there was no evidence that the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents were a real thing and that it “can’t be verified”?

Yep, the Dems can always count on the MSM to help keep things buried where they belong.

By the way, not that Stahl or any other “journalists” will care now, but Hunter Biden and his lawyers have confirmed that the laptop is real thanks to a lawsuit against the computer shop owner.



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So, *not* Russian disinfo? Hunter Biden’s legal team basically just confirmed that it was his laptop

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