The House Oversight Committee has obtained bank records from some Biden family members and their associates and it looks like the Democrats (and some in the media) will be busy running interference for the foreseeable future:


The Chinese spy balloon probably already knew all this before even reaching the west coast of the US, but we digress…

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine, author of “Laptop From Hell,” has a thread going through the Biden-related banking info from House Oversight:

Jamie Raskin’s working to help cover things up for the Bidens? Go figure.

Remember when Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call? Good times.

Do any “real journalists” want to get on this one?

The usual suspects in the media will now continue to do their thing:

Oh sure, the press will be all over the story… the pudding one, that is.

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller is wondering about something:

Perhaps Biden’s expanded IRS can check that out (we won’t hold our breath).



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