Glenn Greenwald marvels as MSM, political establishment hurl each other under bus over Hunter Biden

Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler is out with a new analysis today, this one about The Hunter Biden laptop and claims of ‘Russian disinfo.’” A Fact Checker analysis is really necessary right now, because apparently there’s quite a bit of disagreement out there about where the fault for the coverup ultimately lies. Is it with the media? Or with the political establishment?

Well, apparently the disagreement is between the media and political establishment. Go figure! Glenn Greenwald finds it absolutely fascinating.

Oh, my!

No, really. Check this out:

“No one who has spent time in Washington should be surprised that journalists and politicians willfully or unintentionally misconstrue oral or written statements,” said Thomas Fingar, a signer who had been the top intelligence official at the State Department, in an email. “The statement we signed was carefully written to minimize the likelihood that what was said would be misconstrued, and to provide a clear written record that could be used to identify and disprove distortions.”

Lotta CYA going on after the fact.

Transforming unconfirmed theories into fact is kinda the media’s thing. Though it’s important not to discount government officials’ knack for playing fast and loose with the truth.

Right there you have the corrupt media and corrupt government officials teaming up. In case you were unclear as to how this stuff has a tendency to work.

It’s something they shouldn’t ignore … but expect them to ignore it anyway.

Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post don’t seem to be interested in taking any accountability for their own role in the media-government Hunter Biden laptop disinformation campaign. Here’s Kessler’s “Bottom Line”:

The letter does not clearly say the Hunter Biden laptop was a “Russian disinformation” program, notwithstanding the Politico headline. In fact, the letter mainly argues that Russia may have had a role in obtaining and disseminating Hunter Biden’s emails — which could mean as little as Russian bots spreading awareness on social media.

But it was to Joe Biden’s advantage to misleadingly embrace the message conveyed in the headline — just as, for political reasons, for Republicans to continue to make that claim as well.

Notice Kessler seems to have run out of space to ding the Washington Post for running with the false “Russian disinformation” narrative, just like Politico and countless other ostensibly respectable media outlets did. Well, them and folks like James Clapper.

Just to be safe, we should probably go ahead and assume that everybody was lying to us.



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