So, *not* Russian disinfo? Hunter Biden’s legal team basically just confirmed that it was his laptop

Well, well, well … how the turntables.

It seems that Hunter Biden has decided after all this time that his next power move is to countersue the guy who owned the repair shop where The Smartest Guy Joe Biden Knows dropped off his laptop and never came back for it (or paid for the repair). Go figure!

More from the Washington Post:

The 42-page filing goes into significant detail on the ways Hunter Biden’s data became public, a development that propelled it into the maelstrom of the last presidential campaign and, since January, to the center of a Republican-led congressional investigation of the president’s son.

“As a result of Mac Isaac’s unlawful agreement and his conspiracy with others, Mr. Biden’s personal data was made available to third parties and then ultimately to the public at large, which is highly offensive, causing harm to Mr. Biden and his reputation,” the suit states. “The object of invading Mr. Biden’s privacy and disseminating his data was not for any legitimate purpose but to cause harm and embarrassment to Mr. Biden.”

The move is a response to a suit filed by Mac Isaac himself last year and has amended several times since, alleging that Hunter Biden had defamed him by saying he had illegally accessed the data — when in fact, Mac Isaac contends, the laptop became his property when it was abandoned in his shop. The repairman’s suit also targeted CNN, Politico, the Biden campaign and Rep. Adam B. Schiff (R-Calif.).

To be fair, when is it not a sensitive time for Joe Biden and his family?

And an even bigger question than that: What will Team Biden’s move be now that Hunter Biden has just confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the laptop belonged to him?

It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Ah, yes. Who could forget this Great Moment in Journalism from NPR?

NPR’s statement may have been about what NPR was doing, but it effectively applied to the mainstream media in general. As well as Twitter, of course.

Because the MSM are mouthpieces for the Democratic Party.

The MSM’s willingness to suppress the story and brand it as part of a disinformation campaign played a significant role — arguably the biggest role — in enabling Joe Biden’s blatant corruption. With the MSM’s full cooperation, Joe Biden was empowered to continue lying to the American people and, as Mollie Hemingway points out, ultimately jeopardizing our national security:

At the very least, we should be concerned about our national security when the intelligence community prioritizes covering for a Democratic administration over doing their jobs.


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