Bill Weir is CNN’s chief climate correspondent, and as such, it’s his job — nay, his duty — to cover the worsening climate crisis no matter what, whatever it takes, from wherever it takes. Even if wherever it takes requires a whole lot of fossil fuel consumption to get there.

Was there no one already on the ground in Argentina who could send some photos or video or something? Were all of CNN’s internet machines broken and they couldn’t look up data or get it emailed to them? Anyone at CNN ever hear of a green screen?

According to Wikipedia, at least, Weir is based in New York City. 6,600 miles? That’s … a pretty long way from Argentina.

More from Newsbusters:

Not only was Weir 6,600 miles from home, he was about get further away. After noting the beauty of the place, Weir told the studio hosts, “I’m about to get on a boat with a whale scientist and go on an adventure to study those amazing creatures” in Antarctica.

Unless he got to Argentina via solar-powered plane, how is he not just another hypocritical limousine liberal?

Seems like someone who doesn’t like CNN’s hypocrisy and hackery being pointed out.



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