As Twitchy reported back in April, teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg is off-limits and not to be “attacked” for a long list of reasons.

Can we still question her message, though? She uses her own youth to encourage other young people to tap into their anger at preceding generations that left the Earth nearly inhabitable.

She recently landed in the United States after taking a solar-powered, zero-emissions boat across the Atlantic, and was “attacked” for having a Joe Biden moment while speaking. Was it kind of a cheap shot? Yeah, but we’re more concerned with the fawning audience that cheers when she says, “My brain is not working correctly.” Woo hoo!

As we said, it probably wasn’t the best take, but after a few days, CNN’s chief climate correspondent Bill Weir got word of it and exploded.

Not to be pedantic, sincerely, but isn’t it kind of insulting to assume that someone “suffers” from autism? And the question remains — can one argue with Lundberg without being accused of “attacking” her?