Remember back in October when CNN’s Brian Stelter shared the “unsettling” statistic that 78 percent of Americans don’t hear about climate change even once a week in their media diets?

CNN’s doing what it can to make sure we all get our daily recommended allowance of climate hysteria, and this gave the spotlight to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Yeah, remember when you were kids, and your fathers and grandfathers mined coal so that you could have heat and electricity? Well, screw those guys. We should be angry with them for destroying the planet and leaving little more than an inhospitable shell for teens like Thunberg to eke out some form of survival.

Use your anger, young people. Be angry at the older generation that gave you a life so soft that you can only find meaning in pretending to save a planet whose climate has been changing for 6 billion years.

Sorry to have made your life so easy.