Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has pledged $10 billion toward the “Earth Fund” to combat climate change. $10 billion is nothing to sneeze at. But CNN’s chief climate correspondent — which is evidently an actual job at CNN — Bill Weir is sneezing like crazy:

Weir points out that what Bezos is pledging is “the equivalent of a median American of his age giving about $14,000.” We don’t know about you guys, but $14,000 seems pretty significant to us, particularly when the donor is under no moral obligation to give anything but is choosing to give.

Something tells us that the answer is no.

Meanwhile, Bill’s channeling of Bernie Sanders and suggesting that everything’s “been given” to Bezos as opposed to Bezos having worked his butt off for years to earn those billions by building a service that millions and millions of people use is disingenuous and downright pathetic.