President Biden and his administration have been responding to dismal approval ratings due to inflation, gas prices, the border mess and other crises by trying to shift blame until something takes. Nobody’s buying the excuses and Biden’s approval continues to drop as his disapproval ascends:

Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer took the “oh yeah, but…” approach to analyze the dismal polling for Biden:

Biden’s terrible numbers don’t matter as long as this White House is able to say “oh yeah, well at least he’d beat Trump!” (He wouldn’t)

It was good enough for White House chief of staff Ron Klain:


The Biden White House’s new motto is “any port in a storm!” Also, who wants to tell them?

Biden would lose to a tumbleweed if the presidential election were being held this November.

The fact that tweet earned a Klain retweet sums up just how disastrously things are going.



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