Inflation and high gas prices continue to throttle the U.S. economy, but fortunately we have a leader who isn’t afraid to accept his share of the responsibility.

Wait, no we don’t:

Didn’t Biden (or whoever actually wrote that tweet) forget something?

Yeah, what happened to that? Maybe the Biden White House will bring it back when this new approach doesn’t work either.

Another blame pivot is in progress!

And of course the Biden White House is hoping nobody has noticed which party has control:

Biden and his staffers keep saying the same things over and over even though the BS is doing nothing but driving his approval down even lower every time.

The president is blaming Republicans for not letting Democrats do more of what made the problems worse in the first place? What a joke. And since when is Joe Manchin a Republican?

Remember when Biden promised to not point the finger of blame?

Yep, that’s the same person!

It’s just pathetic.



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