As Twitchy reported Friday, White House assistant press secretary Emilie Simons earned herself quite a ratio after insisting that President Joe Biden wasn’t just reading instructions off the teleprompter when he said, “End of quote. Repeat the line.” What he actually said was, “Let me repeat the line.” (This was after telling of a pregnant 10-year-old girl who’d crossed state lines to “terminate the presidency.”)

Most importantly, she was addressing her correction to Greg Price, who’d posted video of Biden saying, “Repeat the line.”

Well, it’s all been settled, as the official White House transcript clearly shows that Biden said, “Let me repeat the line.”

Should the White House communications team be less worried about a Twitter fight and more concerned that the public believes this president can’t read from a teleprompter correctly? Because he can’t.

He also didn’t fall off his bike … the bike tipped over and the toe clamp took him with it. It was the bike’s fault.