New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) says President Joe Biden should fire Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. In response to a question asking what the Biden administration should do about a possible recession, Gov. Sununu suggested firing Sec. Yellen because she has “completely misled America.”

“(Yellen has) completely misled America because she didn’t want to own the bad news. But that’s part of public service. You’ve got to own the good with the bad,” said Gov. Sununu on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’

The firing of Sec. Yellen could result in less of a current public relations disaster at the Department of the Treasury. But if it would not alter the fundamentally flawed economic agenda pursued by President Joe Biden and co-signed by congressional Democrats, how could it reduce inflation?

It would not change the Democratic modus operandi of spend first, clean up the mess later. It would not reduce taxes across the board. It would not reduce the regulatory burden and government red tape for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It would not reduce inflation. It is difficult to imagine that dismissing Yellen would amount to much more than window dressing for an administration that is speeding down the wrong economic track.

The selection of Sec. Yellen to lead the Treasury Department is just one of the significant economy-related decisions made by President Joe Biden. Up for a vote in November is whether or not the American people, living the day-to-day realities of the current economy, believe such a trajectory is worth continuing.