Last week President Biden delivered a speech on infrastructure and the economy in North Carolina, and it contained several rather interesting moments. One of those moments was the conclusion of the speech:

The video showing that Biden “tried to shake hands with thin air” even made its way to jokes during SNL’s Weekend Update.

Fortunately for the Biden White House, the fact-checkers at Politifact have been able to spring into action to try and shoot down those claims:

Has Politifact been rewarded with a Ron Klain retweet yet? Just in case, they continued…

But wait, Politifact wasn’t even close to being finished explaining:

Biden & Psaki probably told at least a dozen lies during the time Politifact was putting that thread together, so their “priorities” are something else.

“Pointing with his whole hand” is a new one.

It must be exhausting carrying so much water for the Democrats.

Even North Korean state media might tell Politifact to take it down a notch so it isn’t quite as obvious.

Here’s Politifact’s next assignment:

Get on it, fact-checkers!



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