President Biden spoke today in North Carolina on infrastructure and his economic agenda, and during his remarks, it became clear that it’s too bad the power of eye rolls can’t be harnessed because it could fuel the nation for the next year.

But there were some other… shall we say… interesting moments. For starters, here’s a point in the speech where Biden didn’t feel the need to let the rest of us in on what he was saying:

“Excuse my back.” Ooookay.

Biden also had a baffling story about blindfolding people and taking them to two different airports in an attempt to say China does infrastructure better than the U.S.:

Hmm, interesting. If you were blindfolded and accompanied by Biden the fact that your flight from DC to Chicago O’Hare took 14 hours might be a dead giveaway that something was up.

But if that wasn’t inspiring enough, Biden’s “oil slick on the car window” story should have you chanting “USA! USA!”:

Maybe that’s why Biden then devoted his life to ridding the U.S. of its energy independence.

However, Biden’s grand finale and exit also caught some attention:

The John Philip Sousa march playing in the background really helps sell it.

Another inspiring speech from President Biden!

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