To kick things off, just to give you an idea of how fired up the crowd was at today’s infrastructure event, President Biden had to act as his own cheerleader:

Then the inevitable gaslight-a-palooza was dialed up to eleven. During his speech, Biden said that the core of his administration’s principles is “Made in America”:

“From day one, every action I have taken to rebuild our economy has been guided by one principle: Made in America.” Anybody buying that one?

We didn’t think so.

And this is the same president who mocked Trump’s “America First” policies. They certainly have undone what Trump did.

Most of those say “Made in China” on them, so there certainly are exceptions to Biden’s “Made in America” principle.

Oil and, well, so much else.

When he was running for office Biden literally guaranteed woman that he would end fossil fuels. Remember this?

That same person is now telling Americans he’s doing all he can to ramp up domestic energy production. Puh-leeze.

Biden did get one thing right:

When it comes to inflation and high gas prices, this administration is crushing it — and by “it” we mean the economy.

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