Earlier this week, the Washington Free Beacon’s Patrick Hauf made waves with his shocking scoop on the Biden administration’s plan to distribute crack pipes to drug addicts in the name of “racial equity.”

This is a very, very bad look for the Biden administration. As if they needed more very, very bad looks.

HHS may have their hands full, but you know who’s still got space in their schedule? Snopes, baby. Snopes has got Joe Biden’s back:

Here’s what Dan McGuill has to say about Hauf’s reporting and the “right-leaning outlets” sharing it:

Collectively, these articles gave readers a grossly misleading and reductive presentation of what was a real substance abuse harm reduction grant overseen by the Biden administration in early 2022. We are issuing a rating of “Mostly False.”

OK, Dan. OK, Snopes. What, exactly, makes the reports “Mostly False”? Inquiring minds wanna know:

It’s true that the grant description required the provision of smoking kits — an established component of harm reduction strategy — but in reality, those kits constituted just one of several sub-components of an even longer list of requirements for grant recipients. In other words, while outraged media coverage focused almost exclusively on “crack pipes,” this was actually only a very small part of the program.

Secondly, the provision of safer smoking supplies did not have as its purpose advancing the cause of racial equity. Rather, its purpose was, quite logically, to reduce harm and infection among existing drug users. However, the grant description did state that priority would be given to applicants who serve communities that are historically underserved. In other words, the grant’s terms encouraged recipients to advance racial equity while working for harm reduction, not the other way round — a crucial distinction which many outlets got wrong.

In other words:

Did Snopes take some kind of weird blood oath that they would defend the Biden administration no matter what?

Yeah … real head-scratcher, that.

Apparently Dan McGuill and Snopes just didn’t bother reading Hauf’s original report.

Fact-check: Totally true.



Looks like Facebook’s getting in on it, too:

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