A video featuring then-Senator Joe Biden from 1985 is making the rounds again in the form of an ad that a pro-Trump group is running. However, Team Biden will be pleased to know that the media — in this case Reuters Fact Check — has his back:

The tweet clearly intends to imply that Biden didn’t use the N-word twice in a 1985 video. Biden did use the word, but Reuters says the context debunks claims that the word was used because he was quoting somebody else:

Two seconds into the video, the narrator says that Biden “repeated the N-word twice on camera,” while on-screen text reads, “We don’t need anymore [N-word] bigshots” – C-SPAN 6/5/1985”

As presented, the video implies that the words spoken by Biden were his own opinions, when actually he was quoting a white legislator and trying to expose the comments as racist.

It is not the first time that this quote is taken out of context to criticize Biden ( here ). Reuters Fact Check recently debunked a misleading compilation of Biden footage that included this clip, visible here

So context matters… this time.

We highly doubt Donald Trump would have been afforded the luxury of “context” if he was the person in the video.

Context matters in this particular situation, but now we can return to context not mattering.

Unless there’s video of Joe Biden saying the word, apparently.