While Democrats pat one another on the back for making sex and color the main qualification of their SCOTUS pick, PolitiFact came out to bravely ‘fact-check’ Republicans on Janice Rogers Brown. At this point, they really should just change their name to PolitiFraud, PolitiDems, or PolitiFICTION because the only people who take them seriously when it comes to fact-checking wouldn’t know a real fact-check if one fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle.

Pay close attention to how they ‘fact-checked’ Republicans on Janice Rogers Brown … notice what part they deliberately did not check.

Hope Joe sees this, PolitiFact because THIS amount of water-carrying really is impressive.

It must take a lot to get down on those knees without the proper kneepads.

Luckily, people who know what really happened with the justice who SHOULD have been the first Black woman to sit on the court were more than happy to point out the piece PolitiFact left out.

Ding ding ding.

That’s the argument, PolitiFact.

But nice try.

He did indeed.

We’ll bet you big bucks she COULD. She might even have a position on whether or not rights are inherent.

Crazy, we know.

THERE it is.

It’s really a cute little sleight of hand, ain’t it? PolitiFact only sorta fact-checks the situation, focuses on the one piece they think will help Biden (or whatever Democrat happens to be their focus), and ignores the entire argument. The point Republicans have been making (that PolitiFact does NOT refute because it’s TRUE), is that Biden openly said he would absolutely filibuster Janice Rogers Brown. The same guy who just nominated Jackson because she’s a Black woman.

THAT’S the rub, PolitiFact.

THAT’S the hypocrisy.

And gosh, golly, gee, you didn’t ‘fact-check- that.

Color us shocked.

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