Yesterday Jon Gabriel pointed out how White House crisis comms works in four easy steps:

Nobody highlights that more on a daily basis than White House press secretary Jen Psaki, whose recent takes on the economy have evolved with amazing speed. For example, the supply chain crisis went from “not happening” to “we fixed it” in record time. The New York Post’s Karol Markowicz has pointed out what happened and who, to a large degree, is giving this administration a pass:

Remember in October when Psaki mocked supply chain concerns by saying “the tragedy of a treadmill delayed”? Fast forward to this week when President Biden claimed that a predicted supply chain crisis “never happened” while Psaki said this administration “saved Christmas.” There are other examples.

Yesterday White House chief of staff Ron Klain used a New York Times story in an attempt to prove claims of a supply chain crisis amounted to an “over-hyped narrative” and that, thanks to the Biden administration, an economic mess was averted. However, the article Klain (and many others in this administration, including Psaki) cited said nothing about Team Biden having anything to do with solving the problem. And then there’s the issue of gas prices:

As Markowicz indicated earlier, imagine this administration’s troubles if the media weren’t largely subservient water carriers for the Democratic Party.

The issue of inflation brought with it a similar spin from the White House that the supply chain crisis did. Biden, Psaki and the rest went from “it isn’t happening” to “it’s transitory” to “it only seems bad because there’s a doomsday narrative coming from the media.”

This administration’s “solution” to inflation is to want to spend a few trillion additional dollars that they expect us to believe will alleviate that problem. When it comes to insanity, this administration has no supply chain problem.

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