This morning, Jen Psaki let us all know that she, for one, hasn’t had any problems finding Christmas gifts or anything really.

Her condescension is quite disgusting. But if there’s anyone out there who can make her look compassionate by comparison, it’s White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who had this to say to people complaining about difficulties finding things they need:

Americans who can no longer afford to buy the gifts that they may not even be able to find anymore are just overhyping the narrative. When they say that they can’t afford the gas they need to drive all over town looking for basic food staples that have gotten a lot more expensive, they’re just overhyping the narrative.

Just like Psaki, Klain apparently failed to read the New York Times article in question.

Maybe it’s the Biden administration who’s overhyping a narrative.

It’s definitely the Biden administration who’s overhyping narratives.

The Biden administration is full of utterly loathsome people.

As long as Ron can keep getting his caviar, he doesn’t care.

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