There must have been some sort of emergency meeting last night at the White House, because Biden administration officials have simultaneously shifted into spin overdrive as news about inflation, energy prices and supply chain issues continue to worsen.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates shared a quote that takes the “simply pretend it’s not happening” approach by blaming the media:

“Wave”? A slight ripple if even that.

Paul Krugman provided the Biden White House with an assist Bates was also happy to share:

Naturally White House chief of staff Ron Klain liked Krugman’s spin:


However, the inflation rate sure doesn’t sound like a media creation:

Don’t worry, according to this administration, it’s all been invented by the media (that largely helped carry Biden into office on their shoulders).

White House rapid response director Mike Gwin had this to offer:

Feeling gaslit yet?

And it’s likely we haven’t seen anything yet. President Biden just acknowledged that inflation is getting very bad, but claims spending a few trillion more dollars will help bring it down.

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