In case you missed it, Joe Biden’s bold plan to grow the economy has been working out extraordinarily well for big fans of inflation:

But as self-proclaimed not-fans-of-inflation, we’re less than excited about this development.

Perhaps President Biden can put our minds at ease:

OK, so it’s no longer “transitory,” then. Good to know.

Even more important to know is that it still isn’t Joe Biden’s fault:

The skyrocketing inflation is due to rising energy costs, and Joe Biden’s administration has absolutely nothing to do with that! Except of course for having policies that would necessarily drive energy costs way up.

The important thing to remember is that other than the inflation stuff, the economy is doing great. And it’ll do even better once Joe’s brilliant Build Back Better plan can be set in motion.

Seriously. It’s the only way to be sure that we can fix this pesky inflation problem.

“I alone can fix it.”

You just wait and see how great it’s gonna be. You wait and see!

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