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Catherine Herridge Says Hunter Biden May Not Be Out of Hot Water Yet

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

CBS News fired Catherine Herridge this February and seized her files and records, while keeping on clowns like Major Garrett, who shares the nation's pain today following Hunter Biden's conviction on three felony counts. Herridge hasn't stopped digging, though, and says Biden is still under potential legal jeopardy.


The first piece of evidence brought in Biden's gun trial was his infamous laptop, proving its authenticity as if we didn't know already. Herridge says some of the data from that laptop is of interest in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

"… potential FARA violations."

Just last week, Rep. Dan Goldman posted that files can be manipulated, and "no forensic analysis has found it all to be authentic." Goldman still believes Russian disinformation was planted on the laptop, even after the FBI verified it was Biden's. And yes, it took them long enough, but the media did conduct a forensic analysis.


… involved with Hunters Lobbying efforts that would be subject to the same charges. 

But only one of those states are Red.

They want us to think justice has been done by convicting Biden on the least of his alleged crimes.

President Biden has ruled out a pardon for his son, but he never said anything about not commuting his sentence.


Would that be Air Force Two?

The gun crime was the one they couldn't trace back to Joe. Of course, liberals will make a big deal about how "no one is above the law" and how Hunter's conviction proves that Joe is the "living embodiment of the rule of law."


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