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ACLU: 'Curriculum transparency' a thinly veiled attempt to chill teachers from talking about race and gender

As Twitchy reported, after the election of Gov. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, there were a lot of hot takes about “parents’ rights” — Juan Williams said parents’ rights was just code for “white race politics.” The next bogeyman for the Left is “curriculum transparency,” or having teachers post their lesson plans online for (white, suburban) selfish parents to review. NBC News recently did a piece on how “conservative activists” were butting up against “free speech advocates” who warned curriculum transparency would only lead to more censorship of teachers.


The ACLU retweeted NBC’s story and wants everyone to know that these bills are thinly veiled attempts to chill the free speech of teachers.

We’ve seen our share of crazy-eyed teachers pop up on TikTok saying they’ll just ignore any laws their states pass against incorporating critical race theory into their lesson plans, like having students play “Identify Your Privilege” Bingo. Yes, why not segregate kids into privileged and oppressed camps?

The ACLU’s tweet just falls back on the lazy argument that opposing critical race theory means you don’t want slavery taught in history class.



We’ve already told you how the Seattle public schools math curriculum looks at issues like “power and oppression” and “resistance.”


Sorry, but the tide is turning away from the CRT grifters and back toward parents.


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