As Twitchy reported just a bit ago, Fairfax County Public Schools gave another reason why Glenn Youngkin won the governor’s race after Terry McAuliffe said that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education. The English curriculum has students playing “Identify Your Privilege” Bingo, with privilege points given for being cisgender, white, male, Christian, and … being a military kid?

NBC News has a new report out on how conservative, anti-critical race theory activists are pushing to have schools post their lesson plans online. Free speech advocates, however, warn that that could lead to “more” censorship in public schools.

So it looks like the Left is adding “curriculum transparency” to “parents’ rights” as code words for a right-wing assault on public schools. But those schools aren’t teaching critical race theory anyway, so why worry about posting lesson plans online?

NBC News reports:

But teachers, their unions and free speech advocates say the proposals would excessively scrutinize daily classwork and would lead teachers to pre-emptively pull potentially contentious materials to avoid drawing criticism. Parents and legislators have already started campaigns to remove books dealing with race and gender, citing passages they find obscene, after they found out that the books were available in school libraries and classrooms.

Citing passages they find obscene? They had graphic novels graphically depicting oral sex with a minor. Do some reporting, NBC.

Transparency is bad, you see, because teachers are afraid if they teach about slavery then those domestic terrorist conservative parents are going to have them arrested for breaking laws against teaching critical race theory. It’s stupid.


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