As Twitchy reported, media “watchdog” Media Matters monitored Fox News for 24 hours following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and found that no one suggested gun control as a solution to school shootings. (Media Matters’ solution? Gun control.) President Biden, who as vice president urged every American to buy a shotgun, isn’t talking about doing anything to get rid of the Second Amendment, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told RealClearNews’ Philip Wegmann. Biden is just calling for “commonsense gun reform.”

Exactly. There are a few brave liberals who are bold enough to admit they want guns confiscated, but the sneakier ones always talk about commonsense gun control. No one needs an “assault weapon” (i.e., an AR-15) — that’s just common sense.

Biden’s not an expert on the Second Amendment. He keeps repeating that lie over and over.

Fact-check: True.

This reminds us of New York’s commonsense law that you could own a 10-round magazine but only load seven rounds.