Media Matters’ Kat Abu says she watches Tucker Carlson so you don’t have to. So, what does Media Matters have to say as a media “watchdog”? They’ve been glued to Fox News for 24 hours since the shooting at Robb Elementary School and have counted “at least 50” proposals to prevent school shootings — and none of them are gun control. But look what happens when someone like Sen. Ted Cruz suggests having one point of entry to school buildings — Cruz is being more vilified than the shooter himself.

Check out this montage; there are plenty of good suggestions in there:

“Single point of entry” comes in at No. 42 but is separate from “locked doors” at No. 17. “Focus on mental health” — what’s wrong with that? Also,
“pray” and “faith and prayer” are two entries, but we doubt they were suggested as “solutions.”

Yeah, we’ve since been told that’s false. There was no school resource officer. Maybe if there were an armed security guard (suggestion No. 1) … but no, Media Matters is against that.

What is Media Matters’ solution to school shootings — aside from confiscating all of the guns and melting them down? Let’s start a list and see which 50 solutions Media Matters comes up with.