One thing you can say about President Joe Biden is that he’s consistent. When he’s not plagiarizing other people’s work, he’s busy plundering his vault of zingers — even in the rare cases where the mainstream media has called him out. As the pride of Harvard, David Hogg, announced over the weekend, he was going to attend an announcement Monday at the White House about gun control. Biden reached into his bag of tricks and followed it all up with, “No, I’m serious,” his tell that he’s lying, along with “You think I’m kidding.”

Come on, man! It was less than a year ago when the right-wing Washington Post fact-checked Biden on his claim that cannon ownership was illegal at the time the Second Amendment was ratified. And it was two years ago when Biden was fact-checked about being able to own a cannon during the Revolutionary War. The guy can’t stop lying — either that, or he’s so out of touch his handlers don’t bother to correct him so he stops embarrassing himself.

Yeah, CNN’s Dan Dale, you’re up. WaPo’s Glenn Kessler already debunked this one.

Again plundering his own closet of greatest hits, Biden went off on deer wearing Kevlar vests on the false assumption that the Second Amendment has something to do with hunting, which it does not. Your right to keep and bear arms is not limited by what you need to hunt deer.

It’s only Monday and Joe Freakin’ Biden is telling us to “think about it.” Of course, this is the guy who encourages every American to buy a shotgun and fire it through the front door if they think intruders are on the other side.

All the better reason for banning the AR-15. No one needs an assault weapon to hunt deer.

He’s only been in government for 50 years. It must be that stutter we keep hearing about.


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