In remarks on gun control last week, President Joe Biden made it clear that all of that “blood of patriots” talk is nonsense since you’d need F-15s and maybe some nukes to take on the government (which sent Afghanistan trending, with people pointing out we’ve been at war there for 20 years against cave-dwellers with neither).

The Washington Post proved again that it will let the big lies from the Biden-Harris administration slide in favor of fact-checks like this one, where the paper bravely deems it false that citizens can’t own cannons.

People are really pissed that the Washington Post chose this to fact-check.

C’mon, man! For a president, people sure let the man slip by saying things he didn’t mean.

If he keeps repeating it, yes.

We agree that it’s a stupid (but correct) fact-check; Biden lies about plenty of other things that should take priority.