Joe Biden, the man running the White House’s gun violence task force, must have been genuinely inspired by the Costco clerk who tried to upsell him a set of tires. During today’s online “fireside chat” on guns, Biden tried to convince viewers they didn’t really want that “assault rifle” after all — what they really want when everything goes to hell is a shotgun.

It was a bizarre turn in the national conversation on guns; at least, it might have been considered bizarre if the suggestion had come from anyone but Biden, but this is just another case of Joe Being Joe™. We suppose it’s progress in a sense, in that a gun control advocate admitted a firearm might have a legitimate use outside of hunting and target shooting. You can use a gun to keep scavenging mobs away, but you won’t have a chance of getting off a clean shot with an AR-15 if the ground is shaking.

That would make a good ad. Will there be a run on shotguns before the supply dries up?