New York’s new gun law imposes a seven-round magazine capacity limit on handguns.

As Anna Rittgers notes, “there are blindingly few semiautomatic handguns manufactured to hold magazines with a maximum capacity of only seven rounds.”

Some Twitter users say this means that the majority of semi-automatic handguns in New York will be illegal.

Similar comments at Glock Talk:

“It’s an attempt at a back door ban on most pistols. Cuomo picked 7 because all the gun manufacturers currently make 10 round mags for the restrictive states and New York is hoping the manufacturers will not want to make 7 rounders just for New York.”

“My guess is that it’s a back door ban: no one makes 7-round mags, and I doubt manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon for NY…”

Others say handguns with ten-round magazines are grandfathered provided the user loads only seven rounds:

Many gun owners simply aren’t sure what the law means.

Much more discussion here and here.

We hope officials in New York will clear up the confusion by issuing a definitive statement.


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