Critical race theory has really come to the fore. Progressives ignored the backlash as long as they could, and then outlets like The Intercept published pieces on angry mobs of “mostly white” parents influenced by “conservative demagogues” “storming school board meetings.” (Attending a school board meeting and speaking during public comment is now “storming.”)

A piece at NBC News Tuesday by Brandy Zadrozny, who’s called critical race theory “the new antifa” and “a boogeyman political topic,” examined how “longtime ultra-conservative activists” and misguided parents were weaponizing critical race theory — in what might be an astroturf campaign funded by dark money. Slate argued that conservatives don’t even know what it is.

We’ve highlighted videos of people of color at school board meetings (interracial couples, too) arguing against critical race theory in schools, and Asra Q. Nomani, vice president of Parents Defending Education, called out Vanity Fair for refusing to acknowledge liberal parents of color who also oppose critical race theory.

But, it’s a “right-wing meltdown” driven by Fox News.

Nomani is right; journalists are so eager to get in hits at right-wingers and Fox News they’ll never acknowledge that liberal parents of color have a say in this too. So are they going to push for critical race theory just to oppose something they think is conservative? Just to stick it to Fox News?