Last week, NBC News senior reporter Brandy Zadrozny called Critical Race Theory “the new Antifa,” meaning it’s nothing to get concerned or upset about.

Zadrozny’s so disturbed by people making a big deal out of Critical Race Theory that she and two of her colleagues wrote a whole article about how conservatives are weaponizing it:

Don’t worry, Brandy. Your sneering condescension has already been noted.

Funny, that.

Oh, the humanity!

Such genius brain.

Like Charlie Sykes, Brandy Zadrozny seems to think that Christopher Rufo is copping to something nefarious. Emphasizing the importance of successfully branding Critical Race Theory as racist garbage is actually what Rufo has set out to do and appears to be doing quite successfully.

And that’s what really offends Brandy Zadrozny and Co.: people are waking up to the truth about Critical Race Theory, and that scares the ever-loving crap out of the Woke Left.

Brandy Zadrozny has no problem with far-leftist activism. But when conservatives try it for themselves? It’s scary, scary stuff.