Christopher Rufo has been leading the charge in the war on Critical Race Theory. And that really seems to have gotten under Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes’ skin.

Even a grade-A jerk like Charlie Sykes should be able to understand that Critical Race Theory deserves a prime spot in education’s flaming dumpster. But a grade-A jerk like Charlie Sykes is the kind of grade-A jerk who’s so driven by his purported principles that he’ll abandon them at the drop of a hat:

Giving away what game, exactly? Maybe Sykes’ writeup in the Bulwark will explain it to us:

Here’s an example of how bad the bad faith argumentation has gotten. Christopher Rufo has become one of the go-to critics of CRT. His work has appeared in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, Fox News, and the NY Post; he has also been featured by Hillsdale College; and touted by the Heritage Foundation.

Rufo also reportedly inspired Trump’s personal interest in the issue. After hearing Rufo on Fox News describing “critical race theory programs in government” as “the cult of indoctrination,” Trump issued an executive order last year banning “diversity and race sensitivity training” in the federal government, including all “spending related to any training on critical race theory.”

But here is Rufo, essentially giving away the game. For Rufo, it is all about “branding,’ and the audacity of his charlatanry is breathtaking.

For Charlie Sykes — who, we’ll note again, founded the Bulwark — to accuse Christopher Rufo of charlatanry is what’s really breathtaking here. Seriously, what, exactly, has Rufo done that’s so egregious? So offensive to your delicate sensibilities?

Accurately characterizing Critical Race Theory as the toxic garbage it is seems like the right thing to do. No wonder Charlie Sykes has a problem with it.

“At its extremes.” CRT is extreme. Why does Sykes seem more upset about Rufo pointing that out than he is about CRT itself?

Guessing Charlie hasn’t read it.

Amen to that.

What is intellectually dishonest about Christopher Rufo being completely transparent and straightforward about his mission? Charlie Sykes, the intellectual dishonesty is coming from inside the house.

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