Someone’s obviously doing something right, because the fight against implementing critical race theory into school curriculums has caught the attention of journalists, i.e., liberals. A week ago The Intercept took its shot, reporting that the fight against critical race theory in Georgia schools  was led by angry mobs of “mostly white” parents influenced by “conservative demagogues.” They were “storming” school board meetings, as if it were a bad thing to attend them and speak up for yourself and your kids.

Critical race theory is a hot topic again today as NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny posted her piece on how “longtime ultra-conservative activists” and misguided parents are weaponizing the critical race theory “boogeyman.” New Yorker staff writer and “Dark Money” author Jane Mayer saw the piece and immediately thought, dark money:

There it is again … “invades school boards.” What has “invaded” school boards is critical race theory, not the battle against it. And to think conservative groups are helping — no, not helping, funding an astroturf campaign. Just ignore all those videos we’ve posted from school board meetings; all those parents were paid off.

What is it with these nutjob parents thinking they have a say in their children’s education? Won’t someone think of the school boards?