So when Slate thinks that conservatives who are so hot to ban critical race theory from schools don’t know what it is, to whom to they turn to explain it? Why, a proponent who received $10 million, no strings attached, from Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for his Center for Antiracist Research, to turn the ideas in his book, “How to Be an Antiracist,” into some sort of federal Department of Antiracism that would police politicians for racist thought.

They could also have talked to Christopher Rufo, who’s put together his own critical race theory briefing book on his website, which most importantly includes example after example of critical race theory put into practice in public schools, corporations, and government agencies.

But no, Slate gave Kendi free rein to straighten out those conservatives who are fighting something they know nothing about.

Very well said. Go ahead and teach critical race theory as a college course, but don’t try to implement it in public school curriculums.

As Twitchy pointed out, even Fox News’s Chris Wallace during the debates redefined critical race theory as “racial sensitivity training,” and when President Biden was signing that huge stack of executive orders, he too referred to President Trump’s ban on “diversity and sensitivity training.”