We knew this was going to happen, maybe not on Day 1 of Joe Biden’s presidency, but close to it. Like a dictator, Biden has bypassed Congress and already signed more than 30 executive orders and actions. One of the things we liked most about President Trump was his willingness to stand up against taxpayer-funded “anti-racist” training in government agencies and government contractors, using the OMB to root out the funding for workshops based on critical race theory.

On Tuesday, Biden announced he was reversing that “harmful ban” on “sensitivity training.”

Biden has no idea what critical race theory is — prove us wrong.

As Twitchy mentioned, Christopher Rufo has brought together a coalition to fight such training in schools, businesses, and government agencies in court.

Did you happen to notice during the first presidential debate how moderator Chris Wallace casually rebranded critical race theory as “racial sensitivity training”?

Four years might be a stretch.