When we last heard from Christopher F. Rufo — which was Monday — he was letting us know that President Biden’s pick for Deputy Secretary of Education was formerly a superintendent who presided over “anti-racist therapy for white educators” in the San Diego Unified School District to teach them about the “spirit murder” of black children in the classroom.

As Twitchy had reported, President Trump in 2020 had directed the Office of Management and Budget to root out these “divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions” and starve them of taxpayer funding. We’re looking at President Biden, now, though, and so Rufo has announced a new coalition to fight critical race theory in the courts.

Fox News reports:

A network of private attorneys and the conservative organizations are launching a “war” against critical race theory trainings across the country as President Biden rolls back the Trump administration’s efforts on the issue.

Led by Discovery Institute researcher Chris Rufo, the network’s stated goal is to bring a complaint before the U.S. Supreme Court and “effectively abolish critical race theory programs from American life.”

It comes just after Biden repealed Trump’s executive order banning critical race theory training from the federal government, a move by Trump that Rufo appeared to precipitate by releasing documents leaked from federal employees.

Megyn Kelly is on board: