We can thank “anti-racism” for a lot of the racially motivated rioting and violence we’ve seen over the past several months.

So, naturally, the thing to do is to preach the gospel of anti-racism to even more people, particularly college students. As we know, many college students have spent their summer vacations destroying property and beating people up.

Well, good news! Boston University professor and celebrated anti-racist scholar Ibram X. Kendi has launched the BU Center for Antiracist Research, and none other than Twitter’s own Jack Dorsey is helping to get this thing off the ground:

“Racial justice” is a misnomer, but go off, kings.

No, because it’s not racist to hate white people.


Worth it. For “anti-racists” like Kendi, anyway.

He can do what he wants with his money, but we would’ve spent it on a roller coaster or something.