As Twitchy has reported, following the shooting death of six Asian-American women and two others in massage parlors in the Atlanta area, the usual “anti-racist” suspects Ibram X. Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones have surfaced to place the blame on white supremacy and show their solidarity with Asian-Americans.

Hannah-Jones giving Americans a lesson on the Chinese Exclusion Act in her thread struck us as a little disingenuous, since the oldest Chinese-American association in the country just leveled a blistering attack on critical race theory, calling it the new Chinese Exclusion Act. Mayor Bill de Blasio has been wrestling with the problem of over-representation of Asian-Americans in New York City’s elite high schools and in San Francisco, administrators are doing away with merit-based admissions because “those are racist systems” and “the antithesis of just.”

And though it didn’t garner much attention, one of the first acts of the Biden administration was to drop the Justice Department’s suit against Yale for discriminating against white and Asian applicants.

Lauren Chen says as long as we’re on the subject of discrimination against Asian-Americans, let’s talk about rigging admissions against them?

About that …

Remember when famous Native American Elizabeth Warren put up a chart on her website breaking down the wealthiest Americans by race … and left off Asian-Americans?

That’s really the argument they’re making — America is built on systemic racism, but since Asian-Americans seem to flourish in that system, they’re “white adjacent” and fair game for rigging academic admissions.