As Twitchy reported Monday evening, the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education — which is changing the name of Abraham Lincoln High School because Lincoln did not demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him” — is meeting Tuesday to discuss eliminating the selective admissions process at Lowell High School and replacing it with a lottery-based system; this was reportedly the last school in the district to look at academic achievement in deciding admissions.

As we also reported, the school board is going all-in on Ibram X. Kendi-style “anti-racism,” creating a community coalition to, among other things, examine “in what ways has Lowell High School perpetuated racism throughout SFUSD and San Francisco and how do we align district policies with its core values and antiracist vision.” The coalition would also seek out how to center the “healing, liberation, joy, and excellence” of black students and families.

Sophie Bearman is covering the story and pulled up this video of school board vice president Alison Collins explaining how meritocracy is a racist system. Collins also gets bonus points for using the term, “Trumpian language.”

The Trumpian language of which she spoke related to denying admittance to kids “from the neighborhoods you think are dangerous.” We don’t think Trump said that though; she did — like when President Biden said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” What’s that … Bidenian?