It’s just not a party until the race hustlers show up.

As we told you, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi — a celebrated “anti-racist” professor — is trying to cash in on the Atlanta-area massage parlor shootings by feigning solidarity with Asian Americans (and blaming white supremacy, of course).

Not to be outdone, here’s “1619 Project” architect and serial racebaiter Nikole Hannah-Jones, with an even more sickening display:

Forget it, she’s rolling:

Nikole Hannah-Jones just wants us all to get alone!

Nikole Hannah-Jones is nothing if not an appalling, cynical and historically illiterate person. Not to mention a shameless opportunist.

It’s bad enough that Nikole Hannah-Jones is trying to co-opt the shootings to serve her own narrative. But when you consider what Hannah-Jones has previously said about Asian Americans, her performance comes off as even more intellectually dishonest and deranged:

It’s disgusting.

She really, really is.



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