Some of our bravest Guardians of Truth are having a really, really difficult time coming to terms with the fact that the deadly shootings at Atlanta-area massage parlors might not have been racially motivated after all.

See, the suspect says he went on a shooting spree to get revenge for his sex addiction, but he’s a white guy, so there’s no reason to believe he was motivated by anything other than anti-Asian white supremacy, even though not all the victims were Asian.

But WaPo Global Opinions editor Karen Attiah sees media outlets reporting Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds’ remarks without accusing him of lying, so she’s gonna need them to “DO BETTER”:

“The white man is obviously racist because all white people are racist.” — Karen Attiah, basically.

When are Karen Attiah and her fellow racebaiting goons going to DO BETTER?



Anti-racist Prof. Ibram X. Kendi capitalizes on massage parlor shootings with grossly intellectually dishonest show of solidarity with Asian Americans