As we just told you, authorities in Georgia have not yet determined if race played any part in the murder of 8 people at three different massage parlors, 6 of whom were Asian-American:

But that’s not stopping a bunch of blue-checks from telling us that even though authorities have yet to determine that the crime was racially motivated, the crime was racially motivated.

From Judd Legum who says we shouldn’t take the suspects “word for it” just because he, you know, admitted to the killings to police:

And Jennifer Rubin agrees:

San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney thinks “they” are “already working to frame this as being about ‘sex addiction’ or ‘lashing out'”:

Is this the “they” he means?

Journo Vivian Ho says this was a “fetishization of Asian women” and that’s “in itself racist”:

Chicago-based editor Dawn Rhodes is already criticizing her colleagues at other news orgs for their “trash” coverage of the crime:

And The Daily Beasts cautions reporters not to close the book on race as a factor:

Finally, here’s MSNBC’s Hayes Brown saying, no matter what authorities determine, “it is still about race and power structures”:




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