If all you read was left-wing media, you’d be convinced that there’s no group eviler than white women. Our archives go way back, but follow us back to the 2018 midterms and Beto O’Rourke’s loss in Texas. The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill tweeted that white women were “voting against their own best interests to preserve a patriarchy that they believe will ultimately help them.” Jill Filipovic separated white women into educated, urban women like herself and those rural women kept ignorant by the patriarchy: “There’s a reason the GOP undercuts education and the reproductive freedoms that allow women to pursue education.”

“I don’t know what it is going to take for us to be sisters to other women,” tweeted white woman Chelsea Handler. After O’Rourke’s loss, actress Heather Matarazzo wanted white women to “choke to death on the white supremacist patriarchal c*ck.” Bishop Talbert Swan concluded that white women were “pure trash.”

We’ll pick a couple more. In 2019, Amanda Marcotte tweeted that it’s “not an exaggeration to say conservatives believe white women should be forced to breed in order to maintain white supremacy.” That same year Saira Rao declared that “white women are the greatest villains of all time.” In 2020, Karen Attiah, the Washington Post’s Global Opinions editor, tweeted, “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s’. And not calling for revenge.”

Now that the Capitol has been stormed, Vox is going back to the well and saying we can’t ignore white women’s role in the rioting:

Anna North writes:

It’s tempting to think of the storming of the US Capitol on Wednesday as toxic masculinity run amok: a mob of mostly white men, carrying guns and wearing animal skins, trying to overthrow democracy on behalf of a president who once bragged about his ability to grab women “by the pussy.”

And if we ignore the importance of women in the Capitol riot and the groups that backed and enabled it, we can’t understand white supremacy in America — let alone dismantle it. Trying to fight racism in America without looking at white women, [history professor Stephanie] Jones-Rogers said, is like “addressing only the right side of the body when the left side is still sick.”

All summer, riots were “the language of the unheard,” but now that white women have become involved …

You know she has to atone for her part in the “spirit murder” of those black kids, right?

They’ll never stop. Just wait until President Biden makes college free so everyone can get a gender studies degree.