As Twitchy reported earlier, pro-abort Marissa Brostoff wrote a piece for the Washington Post trying to tie the American pro-life movement to white supremacy.

In her piece, she also smeared “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance, alleging that when he said to an audience, “Our people aren’t having enough children to replace themselves” he was obviously talking about whites: “Vance did not spell out exactly who was included in the word ‘our.’ He didn’t need to.”

As Jeryl Bier pointed out, taking Vance’s quote in context made it very clear who he was talking about: the nation. “The most important way to measure a healthy society,” Vance said, “is by whether a nation is having enough children to replace itself. Do people look to the future and see a place worth living in?”

Never mind that Vance didn’t bring race into the conversation; Amanda Marcotte jumped in to argue that white supremacists think women should be forced to breed to maintain white supremacy.

If would seem if Vance is “appalled” by Democrats’ permissive attitudes toward abortion, he’d also be opposed to the ridiculously high rate of abortions among African-Americans. But whatever; the narrative of the day is white supremacists and pro-lifers being one and the same.