If you’ve got kids in public school, you might be a little concerned about the influence woke culture is having on their education.

If you’ve got kids in the Seattle Public School system, you should be downright terrified.

That’s putting it mildly.

City Journal writer Christopher F. Rufo has revealed disturbing details about how Seattle Public Schools are educating their teachers:

Read them and weep:

An ideological agenda that aims to perpetuate this deranged woke self-flagellation through subsequent generations of kids.

Rufo’s analysis concludes:

Unless there is a change of course, this new orthodoxy — gradually replacing academics with activism — will yield an educational disaster. School districts will aggregate students on the ­basis of identity and subordinate traditional learning to the latest fads from woke academe. When those inevitably fail, desperate teachers and administrators will be tempted to drop the old “three Rs” (reading, writing, arithmetic) in ­favor of the new: racism, racism and racism.

In this sense, the educational woke regime mirrors the corporate one in function: All this ideological garment-rending and chest-beating serves to disguise the social and material failures of institutions. Teachers can ostentatiously “bankrupt their privilege” in front of their colleagues, but it will do nothing for third-graders who are struggling to read or graduating high-school seniors who can’t solve a single algebra problem or compose a legible sentence.

Sadly, if past is precedent, the ­racial fever gripping Seattle schools will soon spread to the nation.

If this isn’t a rock-solid argument for school choice, we don’t know what is.