In case you missed it earlier Wednesday, we highlighted an Election Day piece by Tiana Lowe, who predicted that if the big blue wave didn’t happen, white women would be made the scapegoats by the Left by Wednesday. And she was right.

We’ve already done a couple of posts on the “vagina shaming” of conservative women who voted Republican, but the hits just keep coming. Here’s the Atlantic’s Jemele Hill making the exact same argument: that white women are voting against their own interests to preserve the patriarchy.

This really is the theme of the day; thank goodness CNN’s Jim Acosta gave us a distraction by trying to muscle the microphone away from a female White House staffer.

Anyway, here’s a thread by author Jill Filipovic wondering what to do about the “white woman problem.”

Catch that from Elie Mystal? “White women gonna white.” But what can we do?

Got that, educated urban white ladies? You’ve got a lot of close-touch work to do outside your liberal enclaves.