As Twitchy reported, Jill Biden has assured Fox News’ Dana Perino that Joe Biden will be there for all three debates with President Trump, despite what CNN’s Brian Stelter called “mostly a right-wing media tempest” of articles and TV segments suggesting perhaps Biden shouldn’t give Trump the pleasure of a debate. By the way, that “right-wing media tempest” included pieces from CNN itself along with the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Herald, and Newsweek. CNN’s own Joe Lockhart made the case that Biden shouldn’t debate.

This clip is from Wednesday, which means it preceded Biden’s comment about African-Americans not being diverse like Latinos but came from the same interview where Biden asked the interviewer if he was a junkie and had been tested for cocaine. In the clip, Biden — eventually — says he’s anxious to debate Trump and prove his physical and mental fitness for president.

Yeah, his take on dealing with China really went off the rails.

If Orange Man Bad hadn’t been pounded into everyone’s psyches by the media for the last four years, clips like this one might give Democrats pause about whom they’re voting for.