Someone call the Department of Transportation. The last time someone splashed red paint on the Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower, Mayor Bill de Blasio had a street crew out in a matter of hours repainting it. “Nice try,” tweeted de Blasio. “The #BlackLivesMatter movement is more than words, and it can’t be undone.”

Now it looks like the mural’s been vandalized again, this time by a woman wearing a #JesusMatters skirt and calling for de Blasio to “refund our police,” after de Blasio announced he’d be cutting $1 billion from the NYPD budget and diverting the money to young people somehow.

We noticed that too.

We’ve covered her before telling blacks not to vote for Biden or any other Democrat; she’s been getting around.

He’s a very petty man with mixed-up priorities; he’ll spend any amount to keep that mural there.

Our thoughts exactly … she’s not committing a violent crime, so why send armed cops? Send the social worker. Like Speaker Nancy Pelosi said about statue topplings, “People will do what they do.”